Parenteral Drug Dosage Calculator For Syringe Liquid Solutions

Medicine Injectable Dosage Equations Formulas

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This calculator determines the liquid or solution volume to be injected by syringe into the patient. The label on the medicine bottle states the concentration of the medicine. The concentration is the mass of medicine contained in a volume of liquid. The mass is the have dose. The volume is the quantity.

Calculation Instructions:

  1. Enter the desired dose and select the units.
  2. Enter the have dose and select the units.
  3. Enter the quantity and select the units.


Parameter Unit Units Used Description
D(desired) dose mass milligram gram microgram This is the prescribed dose or ordered dose.
H(have) dose mass milligram gram microgram This is the available dose or stock dose.
Q(quantity) volume milliliter liter The volume of liquid in which the Have Dose is contained.


Parameter Unit Units Used Description
X(amount) Volume milliliter liter teaspoon (US) tablespoon (US) The volume of liquid or solution to administer via syringe to the patient.


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