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Oral Drug Dosage - Equation Method:

Solid Dosage
Calculate number of tablets, pills or capsules.
Liquid Dosage
Calculate the volume dosage of syringe solutions, fluids and liquids.

Parenteral Medication Dosage:

Injectable Solutions
Calculate the injectable volume dosage for syringe solutions, fluids and liquids.
Non-injectable Solutions
Calculate the volume dosage of enteral and oral feeding/irrigants and tropical solutions.

Intravenous (IV) Dosage:

Electronic Flow Setting
Calculate flow or pump rate setting for regulators and controllers.
Electronic Infusion Time
Calculate duration of infusion.
Electronic Volume
Calculate volume of liquid, solution or fluid.
Manual Control Setting
Calculate drops per minute, drip rate or watch count for gravity tubing.
Manual Control Infusion Time
Calculate duration of infusion.
Manual Control Volume
Calculate volume of liquid, solution or fluid.

Body Surface Area (BSA) Dosage:

Body Surface Area
Calculate human body surface area.

Unit Converter and Measurement Conversion:

Mass and Weight
Convert between gram (g), kilogram (kg), microgram (mcg), milligram (mg), ounce (oz) and pound (lb).
Height, Length and Distance
Convert between millimeter (mm), centimeter (cm), meter (m), inch (in) and foot (ft).
Convert between milliliter (mL), liter (L), ounce US fluid (fl oz), cup US, pint US (pt), quart US (qt) and teaspoon US (t).


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